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  • January 05, 2017

led revolution

        The reason why the LED  has yet to fully into the hands of the general public consumers is the price,that many people can not afford. Centered on how to reduce the price of LED, reduce the production costs, each LED enterprises have resorted to special skill. With the continuous advancement of LED technology, LED prices to minimize the "three noes" products became the focus of attention. The so-called "three noes" products, that is, no packaging, no heat, no power, the simpler the better!
     With "no package, no heat, no power," led by technology program, will be leading the future development trend of the industry's "troika", will become the chip packaging and lighting applications, the company's future focus of competition.

No package is also a way of package 
     Because no technology can significantly reduce the cost of the package, there are a number of Taiwanese and foreign companies for research and development and production, including Taiwan Epistar LED chip factory, wafer, train factory TSMC solid-state lighting, Ruifeng, international companies Osram, CREE, Philips Lumileds and so on.
     In fact, "no package" Technology is not eliminating the entire package link, simply eliminating a gold packaging process it is still one of the many forms of packaging. "No package" technology with the traditional package there are some differences, is based on wafer process package to do some action, some of the steps to be incorporated into the chip package technology, chip technology and packaging technology is well integrated, but also It can be said that the chip-scale package.
      Known as "non-packaging" technology in the industry recently accused of "menacing" and suspected leather package for Life. Mo Qingwei, vice president of BDO Runda LED chip division that "no package" is also a package, but this is a new, advanced technology.
      Marketing Director Lin iron CREE China market also believes that,for the LED,after decades of development, has formed a set including chips, phosphors, packaging, etc. complete ecosystem, are indispensable. "Really the future development of the chip only if the ultimate beneficiaries will be those that the chip giant in the semiconductor industry, including manufacturers, including lighting applications will not live too comfortable."

LED no heat is still long way to go. 
       LED as light-emitting diodes have been born a hundred years of history, from the early application of the indicator slowly grown to lighting. As LED lighting fixtures with energy efficient, long life and many other advantages, but with the increase in power, LED electric heat is also generated by growing, which if not effectively dissipate waste heat will affect the light efficiency lamp beads, life and other parameters.
       After a comprehensive current injection efficiency, luminescent quantum efficiency, chip external light extraction efficiency and other factors, and ultimately only about 30-40% of the input electrical energy into light, and the remaining 60-70% of the energy mainly in the non-radiative recombination occurs lattice conversion of thermal energy in the form of vibration, that waste heat.
       LED high-temperature hot is bad light fixtures take place, the direct cause of shortened life expectancy, but also the root of the lamp beads and related electronic equipment instability has become a major bottleneck in the development of the industry. And to solve the problem of heat lamps, LED's also the cost of production will increase a lot in disguise.
       In the premise to ensure LED work and life, and to improve the efficiency and reduce the cost of bringing the radiator because of increased parts has become the focus of lighting plant under consideration.
       Cooling the LED comprises two processes, the chip and the substrate to the conductive portion of the substrate to the heat radiating portion of the outside of the heat sink member. "Internal thermal conductivity is not resolved, the rest are on paper." Confucianism Shenzhen Electronics Co., Ltd., general manager Jane Yu-bin, said they developed the latest hot separation COB packaging technology has significantly improved performance, but also greatly reduces the cost of production, but also can not completely remove the heat.
      Now the LED light thermal conversion in about 30%, the future when the LED chip and packaging technology has increased dramatically, all energy can be converted into energy when no heat is the real age!
No power, LED true revolution
     LED lighting is known as energy saving, intelligent, long life, but these are basically rely on good drive power to achieve. The industry had joked, "100 LED lamps broken, 99 is the driving power of the issue," the importance of LED drive power saw, which also makes it occupies an important position in the whole LED production costs.
     LED lamps have to cut in the drive power is much to do, "to power" in recent years, and it was widely instituted, and some even called it a revolutionary change in the LED.

    At present, the power of design ideas to the main AC-LED and HV-LED. It is also called driverless LED Lights,AC-LED is also used for its rectifier bridge portion, part of LED combinations rectifier bridge portion is designed to emit light, it has the advantage of very small volume may be designed. Usable alternating current (AC) to directly drive a new generation of light-emitting special topology AC-LED light source production technology matures, it will create another new era of LED lighting technology.