Advantages of AC light source
Advantages of AC light source
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  • 2017-03-22 13:45:03
Advantages of AC light source
1, direct power AC 110-270V voltage input:
2, remove the traditional AC-DC switching power supply, without electrolytic capacitors, transformers and other components, improve the life of the entire product:
3, power factor PF value greater than 0.9:
4, power conversion efficiency of more than 85%, no EMC problem, THD<20%:
5, eliminating the need for the entire switching power supply components, there is no transformer, no electrolytic capacitors, no inductance, only solid-state components.
6, AC products in the lights turn on the lights when there is no time delay, frequency sensitive switch does not affect the quality of product use:
7, connect the general SCR dimming:
8, AC products can be integrated through RoHS, CE, SAA and other certification:

9, AC products have a high cost

Advantages of AC light source

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